How to add a hotel to a Booking to attract a lot of guests?

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How to add a hotel to the Booking to attract a lot of guests

If you are the owner of the hotel, it is natural to want all of its rooms were always filled. Or you work in a company that is engaged in the settlement of hotels owned by it or through an affiliate program, and your Manager has instructed you to find effective sources to quickly attract customers. In both cases, the best solution to a difficult task than the help of the resource "Booking" is not found. Its program is simple and clear. The capabilities of the system are useful not only for owners of the hotel business, but also for those who rent out residential premises. To cooperate with the resource quickly gave the desired result, you need to figure out how to add a hotel on Booking to attract many customers. This article will help you.

How to add a hotel, apartments, accommodation on Booking.

No super skill is required. You only need to be with the computer on "you" and have good quality photographs.

First step - registration on Booking.

Regardless of the scale of the object (large hotel, hotel chain, mini-hotel, hostel, private apartments, apartment), it is better to start before you start creating a website for the hotel. In the extreme case - at the same time with this process, because registration may take longer than expected. The delay may be due to waiting for a letter containing a code confirming the address of the hotel or apartment. It is sent from the head office to the address of the registered object. According to the Administration of the Booking period can be up to two weeks. If during this period the letter does not come, you need to issue a re-request. Only after entering the code will your apartment or hotel be available for booking. It happens that after submitting a second request suddenly comes the first letter. Many people think that now there is no need to wait for a response to the second request. And they are wrong, because the first confirmation code is already invalid.

After waiting for the second letter, you enter the code from it into the system and are sure that now you will see the long-awaited message about the availability of the hotel for booking. But joy can not happen. Instead of the coveted inscription, the eye is presented with an alert that the object for booking is still not available. For an explanation you need to write to the Administration of Booking. After sending the letter you receive a message that you will be answered within a day, but be ready to wait a few more days. It is because of all kinds of delays beyond the set deadlines that start registration at "Booking" as soon as possible. Another reason - if you decide to change the star rating of the hotel or its name, the solution through communication with the technical support service can take up to 3 days.

a Prerequisite for the registration of the object for Booking is the addition of photo materials about it. In order not to receive a message in a red frame that the photo was not taken due to poor quality and it is recommended to upload another image, instead of confirming the successful upload of the photo, you need to know that the Booking prefers photos with a width of 4200 pixels.

Another advantage of "Booking" is the ability to connect Chanell Manager to manage your booking. It is enough to create an account in Chanell Manager and you can monitor the change in prices and free dates without entering into the accounting of each of the channels. If you want to make it easy for customers to choose payment options and book without problems, if you are going to develop in the future, the CM will be a reliable assistant that will bring your object to a higher level.

In Russia Chanell Manager often use Travelline. At the conclusion of the contract there are no difficulties. When you register a hotel on the selected channel, you will be assigned a unique ID. In the admin panel Travelline it must be entered in a special field. Further process goes automatically and after a while this channel opens for management. After that, submit a request to Hostelworld to Chanell Manager connected to your account and activated the ability to manage. The whole procedure can take about two weeks. This is another argument for early registration. When connecting Travelline through CM you will receive 35 channels of booking. But to connect them all will not work, because everyone has individual characteristics. You will learn about them when you add your object to a specific channel.

How to attract more customers?

After the registered hotel appears in the list of available for booking facilities, many are wondering - how to increase the rating on the Booking to attract more guests? Think about it is quite reasonable, because hotels and apartments, located in the same area, are shown in the list according to the rating system. You can increase it in several ways: add a lot of photos of excellent quality and put tags on them; describe the hotel in as much detail as possible; increase the Commission of the Booking from the default.

After the hotel (apartment, flat) will appear in the reservation system as a full participant, it will easily be able to find not only regular customers, which he liked, but will involve thousands of potential new visitors.

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